Terms of Sale


Artpur understands all the technicalities involved in the process of selling various goods through online marketplaces. With an in-depth knowledge in selling artistic creations, we allow contemporary artists to sell their best art pieces using our platform Artpur. We are the most tried and tested online platforms that believes in bring the best advantages to everyone, essentially the artists as well as the buyers. There is no doubt that the task is often not easy, but we dedicate our resources and expertise in bringing the best opportunities for both artists and art lovers.

If you are a versatile Artist and you have the confidence in your artistic knowledge, then you can find Artpur the most productive online platform that can bring you the best deals. However, you will have to fulfill a few essential terms of sale that cannot only bring you success in the end but it will also help you create a market for your creations online. Undoubtedly the possibilities are endless, and that you can exploit from time-to-time. To start selling your artist piece on Artpur, you need to register yourself first. Following are a few easy steps that can get you registered with us at Artpur:

  1. Create an account to get your unique Username and Password that you can use to transact
  2. Upload your art work. You would need to provide related information of the product along with the price.
  3. Complete the Sales, Order, and Delivery process
  4. Receive payment against all finalized deals.   

Be a verified Artist:

Selling products as a guest artist would not bring your dream come true. You need to register yourself as a verified artist to get the optimum returns for your hard work. The following steps can establish you as a verified artist with Artpur:

  1. Complete your professional profile 100%
  2. Upload the minimum number of art pieces right at the time of registering yourself as a verified artist.
  3. Cooperate with Artpur for a manual verification
  4. Verify your documents to finally confirm your association with Artpur.  

Before you start exploiting the potential of Artpur of selling your products, you must be very sure about registering with us and completing the profile as a verified artist. You can always find Artpur a trusted platform that can bring you best advantages as an Artist.