Refund Policy


At Artpur, we claim to have the best delivery track records. We claim to deliver your products at any destination in India provided you have given us with the best address including the PIN Code. Usually, our delivery process gets completed within 5-7 days.   

What You Need to Do To Help Artpur?

Since you are the buyer and need the painting to be delivered at your place anywhere in India, therefore you would need to take the initiative. You would provide us the complete postal address of the place where we would need to deliver the product. Your address must include the minimum information with the postal PIN code. You should enter the complete address right at the time of placing your online purchase requests.       

What Do We Do With Your Information?

Usually, we work for our customers. The nature and features of the order are usually the information provided by the buyers at the time of proceeding to the payment gateway. Based on the information, we determine the delivery procedures and give you an estimated time of delivery. In case, you have placed orders for multiple products, then tries to manage the delivery in one package. Normally, this kind of a procedure is a bit more time-consuming. We deliver those orders within 7-15 days.   

Delivery Charges:  

Though we deliver the shipment without charging any fee, delivery is often chargeable, in case the delivery destination is not within our normal areas of deliver. However, the charges are often within bearing limits. Moreover, the limit for no delivery charges is often INR 5000.00. We charge a certain fee in case the cost of the shipment crosses the limit.