Patent & Trademarks


Artpur reiterates its support of all kind to the bona fide artists/painters who wish to work with us. We guarantee complete legal support to them to protect their rights while they affiliate with us to sell their art pieces.  


Artpur has its clear policies on patent and trademarks, and it has a firm stand on maintaining it to prevent any loss to the company as well as its painters and artists. It understands the difference between copyright and patent or trademark. Actually, a copyright secures the ‘original piece of creation’ from getting exploited whereas a patent or trademark protects discoveries or inventions. Since our artists create their paintings with great care and do not copy from anywhere else, we take all the legal steps to protect their creations from all hazards including exploitation of any kind.


Every original art piece or painting on Artpur is protected by patent and it issues a trademark on them that every buyer needs to respect. The buyers should prevent them from all practices that lead them to violate the patent and trademark policy on our listed paintings and art pieces. Artpur prevents every buyer on the website from indulging in any activity that is actually a violation/infringement of the patent and trademark policy. Artpur would never think twice from taking strict legal actions against all such infringement/violations.


As a matter of face, the Patent and Trademark Policy is a part of the legal procedure that protects an intellectual property from getting mishandled. On one hand, it discourages the buyers from participating in any fraud of any kind, and on the other, it makes the painters and artists to allow the store/online marketplaces to make every effort to sell them for a certain period of time. At Artpur, we understand both the aspects of Patents and Trademarks and express our readiness to take adequate steps to maintain the policy.