Return Policy


Artpur understands the possibilities of issues in the art pieces, and that is why it accepts the return or refund policy and guarantees you a safe and secure shopping experience with us at We accept and process the return or refund requests only if we receive the same within 7 days of purchasing the same from us. However, we do not process the requests for customized paintings as they are created on special requests of the buyers.

You can expect to receive the refund within four weeks after you handover the product t our refund agent who collects it from your place. The entire procedure is completed in a few steps and the steps consume nearly 20-25 days. First, we receive the art piece from the collection agent, and then we process the refund procedure, and then send the refund amount to you through your preferred banking process.   

How to Return Purchased Products to Artpur?

The return or refund process should be initiated by the buyer's end. You would need to register your request of return either by forwarding an email or calling our help desk within the above-mentioned period. Make sure that you have mentioned all the related information in the email that would include the item name and code, date of purchase, receipt or invoice number the payment, and also the reason for return or refund.

You would be required to pack the product using the same packaging material safely. You will be held responsible for any damage to the product in case it happens due to packaging issues. As far as the possible reasons for accepting the return or refund requests are concerned, we accept any request in case the art piece does not meet the promised standard, delivery of wrong painting, and delivery of damaged or defective painting.

If you are willing to make an exchange, then we can process the request in case the product for exchange is available in our stock. Otherwise, you would need to wait till the same is made available by the same painter. If you have received a damaged painting from our end, then you must inform us within 24-48 hours of getting them delivered.          

Artpur wishes to make it clearly understood that we may or may not refund the full amount in any case and the shipping and delivery charges are included in the price. Once the product is shipped and delivered, a certain amount is deducted from the delivery charges and for completing the procedure of return or refund.

For more information, visit the exert helpdesk at right not!