Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially Artpur is a marketplace for Art-pieces in different categories. You can sell original Art-pieces that you have created absolutely yourself. For selling your Art-pieces products on Artpur, you would need to complete the following steps: 1. Sign Up officially at Artpur to create your profile/ account. This will get you a unique username and password that you can use for further log in or signing in to the Artpur Marketplace. 2. Upload the high quality photograph of your Art-pieces you want to showcase and sell. Add all relevant information about the Art-pieces that can influence the buyers. 3. Packing and Sending the Art-pieces to Artpur is your responsibility. You would need to pack and send the original Art-pieces immediately after the said Art-pieces is sold officially. 4. Receive your payment through your bank account that you have registered with Artpur.
Artpur is an online marketplace that dedicates its services in the interests of the Artist and the art lovers. It is just a platform that brings an artist and a customer together who can participate in buying and selling activities of original art pieces.
At Artpur, an artist is essentially a Artist who creates original art pieces and sells them to the art lovers who prefer involving in such activities. We appreciate even artist for showing their interests in Artpur and giving us the authority to sell their original Art-pieces.
Artpur has been a full-fledged marketplace for Art-pieces in different categories. For guidelines, please visit our Terms and Policy and Patent and Trademark Pages in this website.
Artpur understands its responsibilities when it comes to saving the interests of the bona fide Artist and art lovers. We have separate provisions in our policies that take care of the interests of every associate here in Artpur. We take stern actions if any associate of ours violates or overlooks the rules and regulations laid by us. We even disqualify them, if allegations are proved, forever, and prevent them from participating in activity of Artpur.
Yes, sure. You can invite as many friends as you want or need.
Nope, once the Art-pieces is listed on Artpur, we undertake all the responsibility to promote and sell your creation. You should not display the art piece that is listed with us. However, you can share the ones that you have not listed with us.
Every customer or artist is required to have an account on Artpur. The profiles make them known to us, and that is why we allow them to participate on the activities on our marketplace. Your profile is something like. Know Our Customers/Artist. Your profile brings you the user name and password that you can use to participate in your respective activities.
Deleting a profile is not required on Artpur. Still, if you wish to delete your profile, then you would need to send us an email, and we would do the needful after looking into the matter closely.
No matter what profile you have with us. Be it a customer profile, an artist profile or a vendor profile, you can always manage it using your account credentials. You can login to your profile, edit it with required modifications and save the changes before you leave.
It is very easy. You can call our experts at the Customer Helpline number or send us an email mentioning your queries. We promise to revert with our reply within the shortest turnaround time.
Absolutely yes. We never sell any pirated or duplicate Art-pieces as it is against our business policies and ideologies. You can always expect 100% original creations at Artpur.
It is rather easy. You can visit our site, and sign up using your personal credentials. A successful login procedure can bring you a unique Username and Password.
It is not a difficult task again. You can create a new password following the steps involved in the process. You can get alerts on your email or registered mobile number with which you can reset your password.
Yes, you can do it.
Yes, why not. Our website is responsive by design and you can access it from any mobile handset, iOS device, Android, and Smartphone.
No, at Artpur, we do not think there is any necessity of having more than one account.
At Artpur, we claim to have the best delivery track records. We claim to deliver your products at any destination in India provided you have given us with the best address including the PIN Code. Usually, our delivery process gets completed within 5-7 days.
Since you are the buyer and need the Art-Piece to be delivered at your place anywhere in the World, therefore you would need to take the initiative. You would provide us the complete postal address of the place where we would need to deliver the product. Your address must include the minimum information with the postal PIN code. You should enter the complete address right at the time of placing your online purchase requests.
Usually, we work for our customers. The nature and features of the order are usually the information provided by the buyers at the time of proceeding to the payment gateway. Based on the information, we determine the delivery procedures and give you an estimated time of delivery. In case, you have placed orders for multiple products, then tries to manage the delivery in one package. Normally, this kind of a procedure is a bit more time-consuming. We deliver those orders within 7-15 days.
Though we deliver the shipment without charging any fee, delivery is often chargeable, in case the delivery destination is not within our normal areas of deliver. However, the charges are often within bearing limits. Moreover, the limit for no delivery charges is often INR 1000.00. We charge a certain fee in case the cost of the shipment crosses the limit.